Release 01.06.2015

FastSpring's newest release includes changes to EU VAT, enhancements to Localized Price API, updates to DevMate Integration, bug fixes, and more!

VAT Changes

Updates were made to the VAT percentage for Luxembourg. Switzerland and Norway now require the collection of VAT. Lithuania, which is now in the European Union, now has EUR as its default currency.

Enhancement to Localized Price API

The price with VAT has been added to the Localized Price API. Now when one retrieves localized store prices, the price with the the Value Added Tax included can be displayed. When your store is set to Net Pricing Mode instead of the Gross Pricing Mode, you can still show the VAT inclusive price on your website by pulling it from our API. Then, when the customer comes to our order page, it will show the lower price and the VAT price. 

Updates to DevMate Integration

683.pngIn addition to account administrators, the user role store administrators now have access to the DevMate integration. There is now a way to disconnect one's FastSpring account from DevMate. There are now confirmation alerts when disconnecting from a DevMate integration and for potentially destructive operations. While they used to only receive sales notifications from FastSpring, DevMate will now receive refund notifications as well. An issue with order notifications sent to DevMate via API has been fixed.

Improvements to Coupon UI

In the coupon area of Offers, clicking on View All Coupons will now display the status of the coupon codes as Used, Expired, or Available.


Referrer added to CocoaFob License Fulfillment

For our built-in CocoaFob license generator, #{referrer} can now be included in the License Source Template field. Among other things, this allows for a lockdown of the CocoaFob license based on a machine's serial number.


SpringBoard Actions Menu Change

In the Actions menu on the right side of many SpringBoard pages, the word History has been replaced with Status, which better conveys what this button allows one to do. You can use Status to change an item to test status, active status, disabled status, and sometimes to delete it. For more information on the differences between these, see Introduction to Statuses.

Dutch Language Correction

An update has been made to our Dutch language translation of order pages to fix an issue with incorrectly displayed special Dutch characters.

Bug Fixes in this Release

  • Some minor issues with the File fulfillment action upload UI have been fixed.
  • Refunds for customers using AliPay as their payment method are now correctly handled.

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