Release 03.15.2015

FastSpring's newest release includes improvements to Order Creator, elimination of session timeouts, bug fixes, and more.

Tags Inherited in Order Creator

When using Order Creator to create a custom order, if the tags field is left blank then the order gets the tags as defined on the product(s) level the same as if the products has been added to the cart in a normal purchase flow. If the tags field contains anything, then this will override any product level tags.

Session Timeout Eliminated from some Order Process Flows

The session expiration page used with page linking option 1 and 3 has been removed. Now customers can keep the initial order page open indefinitely without submitting an order and the process will not timeout.

Changes to Finnish Translation

A few changes were made to the recently released Finnish language localization that FastSpring supports.

Bug Fixes in this Release

  • A character encoding issue that caused unusual characters to appear for customer information has been fixed. All orders effected by this bug are now fixed and displaying the correct characters, unless the order information was edited and resaved with the incorrect characters.
  • Reliability improvements were made for the Ideal payment method to prevent delayed approvals.

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