Can I redirect to my site when an order is completed?

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

We often get requests for users to automatically redirect buyers back to their site after purchase is complete.  In general we don't do this for several reasons:

  • Technically we are a reseller, and the consumer is buying from us. As the vendor of record, we're legally responsible for the sale. As such, there is important information we typically need them to see after the order is complete.
  • Our store servers are incredibly reliable, typically with much better uptime than almost any hosting service you might use. If we try an automatic redirect and your server happens to be down, the customer can be left without a clear confirmation of purchase.
  • There are potential timing issues. If you use notifications to activate an account or something similar on your end, a customer could be redirected before your site has received the order notification POST, and this can cause problems.

Instead of doing redirects, we've built-in several tools that allow that post order page to be customized to accomplish almost anything you'd need to do:

  • Via External Tracking, you can set up code to be included for Google Analytics, Adwords, and other 3rd party tracking scripts needed to register sales in external systems.
  • Using Web Fulfillment, you can include license codes, download links, additional instructions (including links to return to your site or application). See this link for more details:

If you have other unique needs that you need help with or feel aren't addressed by above, enter a support ticket with details and we'll work out a solution together.


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