Capturing Reseller and End User Contact Information


Our regular order form is designed for the purchaser who is also the end-user of the product. Within our regular order form, a customer can select Make Changes to the Billing Address so that a customer can make a purchase for someone else.  Some customers find this unclear, especially when there is a reseller company involved in the process. As a result, FastSpring offers a modified order form that makes separate areas for the information on the person (or reseller) purchasing the product and the information for the end-user of the product.

Separate Purchase Information and End-User Information

If you would like the purchase information and the end-user information to appear separately in the order form, add the following the the end of the URL that you are using to link to your FastSpring store:


This URL ending will put your order form in a mode that will prompt separately for the end-user information and the purchaser information. The purchaser's billing address will be filled in on the following page of the checkout sequence. While the form will capture the end-user email address, both receipt of purchase and any fulfillment will go to the purchaser (or reseller). An example of this form is below:


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