Managing Purchase Orders

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


In your Pending Payment order section, to see full order details and management options click on one of the PO orders in the list.  The left column of the PO detail page shows you order information.

In the right column, the Actions tab offers you several options.


Resend Notifications allows you to stay in communication with your clients regarding their PO.

Payment Reminder - The system does not remind customers when their PO will expire, you have the ability to view the order and send your customer a reminder that their payment hasn’t been received yet.  Check the box to resend the reminder and click Confirm.

Once the order is complete, additional options become available to you for resending information to your customer.

Customer Receipt / Invoice
- Provides you the option to view the customer’s invoice for your records or to resend the information to your customer

View Payment URL - a quick link for you to get the customized payment URL for this customer.

Extend Due Date - A manual process to add an additional 30 days to the original expire date to allow your customer more time to complete payment.  NOTE: Clicking Extend Due Date automatically extends payment automatically - it is a one click process.

Cancel - Manually remove the order from Pending Payments and no payment is received.


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