Subscriptions as Product Options

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


If your main product is a fixed cost, you may want to also offer a subscription / recurring related services.  A common example is a support or maintenance agreement.  

Another example, which is illustrated below with the sample fixed-price product “ABC Photo Organizer," is a regular update of an embedded stock photo library. Without subscriptions this would have to be presented as “$X for 1 year,” “$Y for 2 years,” etc. and after that period the customer must manually renew the service.

Using subscriptions instead opens up the opportunity to get more regular income for that type of option.

Create a Subscription Product

We need to create a subscription product first by defining price, billing period and fulfillment actions. See also Subscription Product Setup.


Create a Product Option Group

Choose Product Options inside Actions on the right and enter a display name for that group. A group can contain multiple options (e.g. 1 month, 1 year, etc.). In our example, the selection type One Selection Only fits best, as the subscription is optional and only one kind of subscription is offered to choose.


Add a Product Option

You can add multiple options to an option group.

Say we have a subscription for one month and another for one year. To add an option press Add Option and choose the subscription product you created before.


Modify Product Option

We're now able to modify additional attributes for the product subscription.

In our example we will change the display name, choose the default selection, and set a meaningful name to the no subscription required option. Click Save inside Actions on the right.




Test the result

To test the order page go to the Store Testing area.



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