How can I tell when a Subscription has been Cancelled?

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

If your subscription product is set to have unlimited periods, the Subscription Changed Notification will indicate that the subscription has been canceled because an end date (#subscription.endDate}) will be set. Otherwise, the end date will be blank. When the end date is reached, the subscription is completely deactivated.

To set up this notification, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Notify.  Click Add next to Custom Notifications.

notify.png  403.png

Select Subscription Changed as the Event Type. Select whether you want to receive this notification as an Email or as an HTTP Remote Server Call. If you choose HTTP URL as the Destination, create a URL on your server, such as , and enter this URL as the Live Server URL. Click Next. Click Move to Active Status.


For wrappers and example code in Ruby and PHP, consult our FastSpring API documentation.


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