How do Customers Update their Payment Information?

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

Subscription customers are given a unique URL in their Order Notification that will take them to a secure page where they can update their payment
method or cancel their subscription. However, in our experience, many customers do not keep this notification at hand and ask for support. This article shows you how to easily look up the URL and send it to the customer. 

To provide a URL to your customers to update their payment information, click on Order Search from SpringBoard’s Store Home. A search box will be revealed directly below where you clicked. Use the Order Search to find the order you want to refund. You can search by:

  • An order reference number (e.g. JUL120112-7119-41114)
  • A subscription reference number  (e.g. JUL120112-7119-41114S) 
  • A customer's email address
  • A customer's last name
  • The company name


Once you have found the order and are viewing the order, click on the name of your subscription product under Subscriptions. Here you can see the Customer URL that can be used to Update Payment Method or to Cancel Subscription. You can easily copy and paste this URL in an email to your customer. 


Click View to open the URL in a new web browser window. Click Reset to generate a new customer URL. Note: This will make the previous URL unavailable. A customer can now click Update Payment Method and provide updated credit card information.


We're Here to Help

If you need assistance with updating payment information for customers, please open a support ticket.


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