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This article will teach you how to integrate MailChimp, an email marketing and email list manager, with FastSpring.

If you have not already, go to and get an account with MailChimp. Once you have an account, you can either complete the FastSpring setup yourself, following our five easy-to-follow steps below, or you can open a support ticket with specific information from MailChimp.

Option 1: Complete the FastSpring Setup yourself

You should first decide whether you want all buyers signed up automatically or you want them to have a checkbox option when ordering. For the former, start at the beginning of this process and follow along through the end of Step 5, when you hit Save. For the latter, you will also start at the beginning of this process, but there is one change in Step 5, and there are additional steps involved afterward. 

Step 1: Create a Notification Rule

Go to SpringBoard Store Home » Notifications. Click Add next to Custom Notifications.

notify.png  403.png

Select Order Completed as the Event Type because you will want to notify MailChimp when an order occurs. Select HTTP URL as the Destination. For the Live Server URL, enter, but replace # with the number that matches your API Key. For example, if your API Key includes us7, then your Live Server URL would be Select Name/Value Parameters for the Content Type. Click Next.



Select GET as the Method. Then click on the HTTP Parameters tab.


Step 2: Delete specific Name / Value pairs in HTTP Parameters

Delete the following Name / Value pairs:


Name Value
AddressCity #{}
AddressCountry #{}
AddressPostalCode #{order.address.postalCode}
AddressRegion #{order.address.region}
AddressStreet1 #{order.address.address1}
AddressStreet2 #{order.address.address2}
CustomerPhone #{}
OrderDiscountTotalUSD #{order.discountTotalUSD.value}
OrderID #{}
OrderIsTest #{order.isTest}
OrderReferrer #{order.referrer}
OrderShippingTotalUSD #{order.shippingTotalUSD.value}
OrderSubTotalUSD #{order.subTotalUSD.value}

Step 3: Change the remaining Name / Value pairs in HTTP Parameters

Change the Name of the remaining Parameters, as follows:


Original Name associated with Value  Change to this Name
CustomerCompany    merge_vars[COMPANY]
CustomerEmail    email_address
CustomerFirstName    merge_vars[FNAME]
CustomerLastName    merge_vars[LNAME]
OrderProductNames    merge_vars[PRODUCT]

Step 4: Add new Name / Value pairs in HTTP Parameters 

Click Add Parameter seven times. This will create new Name / Value Fields. 

206.png  207.png

Step 5: Change the new Name / Value pairs in HTTP Parameters

Replace the default FieldName and FieldValue of each Parameter, as follows:


Name Value
apikey Enter in your MailChimp API Key
double_optin FALSE
group_name group
id Enter in your MailChimp List ID
merge_vars[ADDRESS] #{order.address.address1} #{}
method listSubscribe
output xml

Note: If you enter a Value of TRUE for double_optin, then an email will be sent to customers to confirm that they would like to be added to your MailChimp mailing list.  The Value of listSubscribe for method will sign users up for your MailChimp mailing list automatically.

Click Save.

For those wanting a checkbox option when ordering, please continue.

In Step 5, instead of the Value listSubscribe for the Name method, the Value should be:

<choose><when test=“#{order.surveyFieldValues.mailinglist eq ‘Subscribe’}“>listSubscribe</when><otherwise></otherwise></choose>

Step 6: Create a Custom Field

First, you will need to create a checkbox option for your mailing list. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Custom Fields. Click Create Custom Field Configuration. Enter in a name for management purposes, and click Next. Enter in a Display name or leave this field blank. Click Add Form Field. 

217.png 218.png

Choose Checkboxes as the Input Type. In the Name field, enter in an internal name, which is not visible to customers, but is used for reports, exports, and notifications. We suggest something simple like mailinglist.

Note: The Name field is case sensitive and should match what was entered from the previous step after:  

<when test="#{order.surveyFieldValues.

Enter Subscribe to our mailing list? under Question Text. Leave Question Description blank. Type in Subscribe under Selectable Values. Click Add. 

Click Save. Make sure to move the field to Active Status.

Now this custom field will appear on your FastSpring order process, as shown below.


Option 2: Open a Support Ticket with Required Information

In your support ticket, please provide the following information obtained from MailChimp:

  • The API Key 
  • The List ID (with the numerical id associated with it) for your mailing list
  • Whether you want all buyers signed up automatically or you want them to have a checkbox option when ordering

We can take care of the rest for you!

Once we set it up, names of buyers will be passed on to MailChimp immediately after purchase.

We're Here to Help

If you assistance integrating with MailChimp, please open a support ticket. You can also contact MailChimp support.

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