Implementing the Bodega / AppBodega Affiliate Network

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


Bodega (or AppBodega) provides access to a large audience base directly from Macintosh desktops around the world and provides you with the opportunity to get your digital products in front of Mac customers on a regular basis. Bodega can give your products greater exposure to new customers. You can also use Bodega as a marketing tool to link to product press reviews, press releases, and much more. Implementing the Bodega affiliate network with your FastSpring store is easy to do.

Bodega Setup in SpringBoard

Once you have registered with Bodega, you will need to configure your SpringBoard account to have a Bodega Link Source, a split payment configuration, and an external custom tracking mechanism in place.

Creating an External Custom Tracking Method

This tracking method will allow the Bodega system to keep its own set of statistics about sales done through the Bodega application, as well as automatically save the receipt for the user. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » External Tracking. Click Add Tracking Method. Select Custom Tracking Method and then click Next.


Under Name, enter in Bodega. Under </body> (before), click Click to Define Content.


Enter in the JavaScript below and click Next. 

<script type="text/javascript">
var bodegaWebStore = window.BodegaWebStore;
if (bodegaWebStore){
if (bodegaWebStore.storeTransactionComplete) {
var currencyCode = 'USD';
var totalPrice = #{order.subTotalUSD.textValue};
var orderId = '#{order.reference}';
function() {
totalPrice, currencyCode, orderId);

Click on the Conditions tab. Under Link Source, click Add Link Source. 


Enter in Bodega as the Name and click Create. Click on the Conditions tab again. Under Link Source, select Bodega (bodega). Click Save.


Optionally, for reporting purposes, you may wish to associate your link source with Bodega. To do so, go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Link Sources. Select the Bodega Link Source. Click Create Association. Enter in FastSpring Company ID freshcode and click Save.


Configuring a Split Account

As of February 2013, Bodega's fee is 10% of your total sale. To send Bodega this fee automatically, FastSpring must configure a Split Account and this configuration can only be set up by FastSpring support staff. Please open a support ticket to request a Split Account be created between you and FastSpring Company ID freshcode, which is the name of Bodega's account with FastSpring.

We will then notify Bodega to confirm your account.

Configuring Bodega to work with FastSpring

Once you have completed the setup process in SpringBoard, in your Bodega application listing, enter your FastSpring store URL (including ?source=bodega at the end).  This URL can be found by going to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the application you are adding to Bodega. The Store Page URL is listed under General.  Simply add ?source=bodega to the end of the URL.


Then use the Verify My Store button in the Bodega Channel Portal to have Bodega test your store.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance configuring Bodega with SpringBoard, please open a support ticket. If you need assistance with setting up your application to work with Bodega, please contact Bodega Support


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