Integrating DLGuard Download Security

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


Integrating DLGuard with FastSpring is easy to do. It simply involves adding a Web Fulfillment to your products and a Notification in SpringBoard. After the setup in SpringBoard, create the matching product in DLGuard and edit the details in the Edit Product page.

FastSpring Setup

Set Up Email Fulfillment

First, you need to have an Email Fulfillment Action set up that will be sent to your customers when a product is purchased. Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Products and Pages. Select the product to which you want to add the Email Fulfillment Action. Clicking Add will show the various types of fulfillment you can set up. Select Email / Web Notification and go through the setup process. For more detailed information on this setup process, see Adding Fulfillment Actions. If you want to add a download link to your Email Fulfillment that will access your file from your DLGuard account, use{order.reference}.


Add Web Fulfillment

After the initial setup of the Email Fulfillment , you can go back in and click Edit  next to Email Fulfillment.  Click on the Web tab. Information entered in the Web Contents, which should be formatted with basic HTML, will show up on the receipt page shown the customers immediately following a purchase of that product.


In the Web Title field, enter Download Link. In the Web Contents field, enter in the following code:

<div style="text-align: center; font-size: 1.5em; font-weight: bold;"><a href="{order.reference}"> IMPORTANT: Click here to download your product</a></div>

Create a Notification

Go to SpringBoard Store Home » Notify. Click Add next to Custom Notifications.

notify.png  403.png

Select Order Completed as the Event Type because you will want to notify DLGuard when an order occurs. Select HTTP URL as the Destination. For the Live Server URL, enter Select Name/Value Parameters for the Content Type. Click Next. On the next page, enter in a name, such as DLGuard Notification, that will be used for management purposes and leave everything else to their default settings.


Click on the Security tab. You will need to use the Private Key shown when you setup your product in DLGuard. Click Move to Active Status.


DLGuard Setup 

Once you have logged in to your DLGuard account, create a product and select FastSpring as the Type of Product. For Product Name, enter in the name of your product as listed on the Product Catalog page in SpringBoard. Next enter in your Private Key that you found above.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance integrating DLGuard with FastSpring, please open a support ticket. If you need assistance using DLGuard, please contact their support team.


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