Creating Customer Referral Programs with InviteReferrals

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)


InviteReferrals is a simple tool to design and launch customer referral programs. When customers likes your product, they can invite their friends to check it out. This action gains you new website traffic, potential customers, and potential additional profit. InviteReferrals' software will track each referral invite, site visit, and sale conversion, and will reward the initial referring customer. With their widget, integration can be completed with FastSpring in under five minutes.

InviteReferrals Setup

Signup for an account with InviteReferrals. In their navigation menu, click Doc / Integration and select Plugins.


You will see your Authentication Keys for Plugins listed. You will use the brandID and the Encripted Key in the FastSpring setup.

FastSpring Setup

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » External Tracking. Click Add Tracking Method.


Select Custom Tracking Method, and click Next. Enter in a name that will be used for management purposes. Under </body> (before), click Click to Define Content. 


Copy and paste the following code into the field under </body> (before). 

<div><img style="position:absolute; visibility:hidden" src=";bid=YYYY&amp;t=420&amp;event=sale&amp;fname=#{order.customer.firstName}&amp;email=#{}&amp;orderID=#{}&amp;purchaseValue=#{}" /></div>

Replace XXXX with your Encripted Key from InviteReferrals. Replace YYYY with your Brand ID from InviteReferrals.

Click Next. Move to Active Status.


If you have not filled in the details of your compaign in InviteReferrals, please remember to do so.

We're Here to Help

If you need assistance integrating InviteReferrals with FastSpring, please open a support ticket. You can also contact InviteReferrals support.


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