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This article will teach you how to integrate FastSpring with VisiStat's web analytics service, whose platform provides real-time monitoring of your traffic, visitor behavior and SEO effectiveness. You must have your own account with VisiStat.

Setup Process

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » External Tracking » Add Tracking Method. Select Custom Tracking.


Enter in a name for your custom tracking method. Enter in the code below. You will need to replace the DID number in the code below with your VisiStat DID number.

<script type="text/javascript">
var DID=123456;
var ConvName     = 'Order';
var ConvDesc     = '#{order.id}';
var ConvSubTotal = '#{order.subTotalUSD.textValue}';
var ConvTax      = '#{order.taxUSD.textValue}';
var ConvTotal    = '#{order.totalUSD.textValue}';
var ConvMisc1    = '';
var ConvMisc2    = '';
var ConvMisc3    = '';
var ConvMisc4    = '';
var ConvMisc5    = '';
<script src="https://sniff.visistat.com/conversion.js"></script>

Go to SpringBoard's Store Home » Styles. Select your style template. Download the style template zip. Unzip this file.

Copy the code below and replace the DID number with your VisiStat DID number

var DID=123456;
var pcheck=(window.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://sniff.visistat.com/live.js":"http://stats.visistat.com/live.js";
document.writeln('<scr'+'ipt src="'+pcheck+'" type="text\/javascript"><\/scr'+'ipt>');

Save the file as visistat.js in the root folder (the same folder as your window.xhtml file).

Open the window.xhtml file in a code-editing software (we suggest Komodo Edit, which is free and open-source). Immediately after the <body> tag, link to the JavaScript file, but copying the code below. Save the window.xhtml file.

<script type="text/javascript" src="visistat.js"/>

Rezip the style template zip, which will now include the viststat.js file, and upload the style template, replacing the one you downloaded.

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