Requesting Activation of your Store

This article applies to Classic Commerce. (Looking for Contextual Commerce documentation?)

Although you will see a notice in the yellow banner at the top of your SpringBoard's Store Home while your store is in trial mode, your SpringBoard account is completely functional.  You can set up products, set subscription and delivery information, and well as utilize all other available functions.  This mode allows you to fully set up and test your setup to make sure everything works exactly as expected prior to launching your FastSpring store.

In order for us to activate your store, you will need to make sure you have specific product names and that you have set up Fulfillment actions on all active products. For example, we will not activate a store with a product named Silver Plan. A better product name is Test Company Silver Plan because it reduces chargebacks. Fulfillment actions explain to customers what they should expect to happen next, and how the product will be delivered. If your product is a digital download or contains a license, you will need to set up fulfillment actions to deliver these. If your product is subscription-based or account-based, your Email Fulfillment should at least contain information on how to access that account, a link to where a customer can access the account, and a support email where a customer can contact you in case they have any trouble accessing their account. If information is being sent from your end, the Email Fulfillment should also tell customers the email address from which they can expect to receive that information.

We will also review the location on your site where your products are featured and where you link to FastSpring. Once you are ready to launch your store, just let us know by opening a support ticket and we will activate your store.  You will receive confirmation that your store is active and you will then be able to link to your store and / or product pages from your website


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